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3 questions we want answered in Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman kicked a lot of ass, there’s no negotiating that. With Gal Gadot fully committed to Diana Prince’s headband and braces, a sequel was inevitable. That sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, was intended for release today, but due to the coronavirus, has been pushed back to August. So the anticipation is boiling at this point, especially as the official trailer revealed next to nothing about the plot: we want to know more. What are the main takeaways from what we’ve seen so far? You’re about to find out.

Steve Trevor - immortal footsoldier?

Everyone fell in love with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) like Diana did in the original Wonder Woman. But his death in that film was essential to her development, which we see loosely paid off in Justice League. So, what the hell is Steve Trevor doing in Wonder Woman 1984?

Actor Chris Pine looks at his role from a narrative perspective in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “My role is really just as a friend, lover, boyfriend-cum-bodyguard who’s trying his best to help Diana on her mission.” So, similar to his part to play in Diana Prince’s journey in the first. Yet, it doesn’t solve the mystery of how he came back after the first.

CBR suggests the obvious: Steve is an imposter of some kind. He’s not Steve Rogers, so surviving a plane crash seems unlikely. My guess is that while he might certainly have been recreated to influence Diana, he’s still the Steve we know and love, just a little oblivious: we can’t really damn their love story with a bait and switch, surely? Whether he’s a tool for the villain or not, the film is shrouding that villain and his masterplan in mystery also. So, onto the next question…

Pedro Pascal’s sleazy 80s capitalist - who is Maxwell Lord?

The name might be familiar for DC fans, but Maxwell Lord’s purpose is certainly being kept in the shadows for the average filmgoer. The trailer has given him some typically bombastic supervillain lines, so there’s no doubting that what he wants is bad. Plus, judging by his appearance in the poster, they’re opting for something a little presidential that does encourage caution.

My guess? If he’s an 80s businessman, he’s up for building something that everyone needs, including our Apollonian hero: a clone of a loved one lost, or someone that we once knew. And if Diana needs Steve, surely Lord has recreated him to convince her of this plan’s value. It would be a neat twist that would test our hero - is she willing to sacrifice that loved one for the greater good? The answer would clearly be yes, but the drama would be rich for us filmgoers.

Either way, we all know that Pedro is going to kill it as Maxwell Lord. His voice is already distinguished with his reserved, faceless showing in The Mandalorian. Now, it’s time for him to deliver the opposite: an over-the-top, overtly physical performance as a classically cheesy capitalist with a sinister edge.

New armour - just for show?

We all know that a new costume tends to sell like hotcakes at fancy dress parties, cosplay get-togethers and when styling new toys for the kids and collectors. However, unlike a recolouring as with Captain America let’s say, Diana’s new armour is a complete redesign. It’s heavier; it comes equipped with a helmet. It has wings. Surely the indestructible demigod doesn’t require such protection and mobility?

Well, that’s the question we’re asking: is there a greater threat which the promotional material is hiding from us? We’ve had announcements that archnemesis Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) would be making her debut, but the feline foil is unlikely to pose as that much of a physical threat.

Clearly, Mr. Maxwell Lord has something larger up his sleeve than we anticipated. After all, what’s a DC movie without an excessively colourful and destructive fight at the end? Or, does something happen to weaken Diana, like with the similarly immortal Wolverine in Logan? Then maybe Cheetah could sink her claws into our lead hero. So long as the answer isn’t a Doomsday that looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that hasn’t slept in a month, and we’ll all be happy.

What do you think? Was Wonder Woman 1984 your most anticipated movie for this Summer? Do you think it will improve on the original, jumping on the throwback vibe of It and Stranger Things?

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