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Our relationship with cinema is a special one as it’s always changing. From blockbusters that entice us with big budgets and noteworthy branding, to smaller, independent productions that prove attractive due to a cool concept or unique perspective on a subject or source material, you’re never quite sure what will be the next bookmark in cinema’s journey.


I, myself, am excited about the journey that we’re on, and I want to use this platform to explore that. As a film blogger, I intend to review major releases, in both the cinema and on film streaming services, that either live up to expectations or disappoint; look at a specific trend; analyse the correlation between films and significant contemporary events. All of this is covered with everyone’s favourite overused word: passion.


So come meet me in the Foyer and let’s discuss the film industry as we know and love it.   


Michael Dickinson, Online Editor, VultureHound Magazine

Christian brings considerable knowledge and craft to all of his work. A great team member who writes for and with passion due to the sheer love of his subject.


Guy Westwell, Senior Lecturer of Film Studies, Queen Mary, University of London

Christian has a strong grasp of cinematic concepts and analysis, while understanding what audiences want to see - a talented and trustworthy writer.